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Academic Achievements

Please click here to see the diverse and numerous Scholarships achieved by Upper School girls.

Please click here to see a list of schools the 11+ and 13+ Upper School Leavers went on to in the last ten years.

In the academic year 2013-2014 Broomwood Upper School girls gained sixteen awards on our scholarship board plus

• 2 girls achieved academic commendations from Wellington only awarded to their top candidates in the Common Entrance exams

• 1 girl achieved an academic commendation from Uppingham only awarded to their top candidates in the Common Entrance exams

• One girl was awarded the top CE prize in English from Benenden

• A different girl was awarded the top CE prize in science from Benenden

• One girl was awarded the top geography prize at CE from Heathfield

• One girl achieved straights As for Marlborough

• One girl achieved straight As for Stowe

• Three girls have represented Wandsworth in the London Youth Hockey Games and one represented Wandsworth in the Hockey finals

In the academic year 2012-2013 Broomwood Upper School girls gained ten scholarships along with:

* the top CE result for Cheltenham College

* two girls gained A*s in Mandarin at CE

* a biology prize for Bradfield

* one girl achieved straight As for Benenden

* one girl gained a commendation with the top mark in History for Emanuel 

* one girl won a distinction at CE by placing in the top 15 at Bradfield


We had a bumper crop of results in 2012 as well. On top of ten scholarships (please see list above) three girls attained a distinction in their Bradfield CE exams; all of them were in the top 15 and one came 1st with prizes in English, History and Geography. One of our girls was placed top in latin at St Mary's Calne, one was top at Benenden in English, History and RS. One of our girls managed straight As in her CE exams for Wellington and at King's we had a candidate marked at over 81% in 8 of her papers. Results like these are a testament to the skill and professionalism of our academic staff along with the determination and hard work of our girls;they are a true example of what can be achieved when you marry foward thinking techniques with tried and tested pedagogical processes. 

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