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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the youngest age a child can come to you?
We do not accept any children under the age of four years.

If our child has an autumn birthday, can he start with you in January when he is (say) 4 years and 3 months?
No. Children come to us in the September following their fourth birthday. We do not have a spring or summer entry for the Prep classes.

What is the ratio of boys to girls?
In the Lower School there are roughly equal numbers of boys and girls. The Upper School is all girls.

Must boys leave at 8?
Boys leave Broomwood at the end of year 3.  The majority of boys transfer to our associated boys preparatory school, Northcote Lodge.  Some boys move to other day or boarding Prep Schools in London and other parts of the country.

So would our son automatically be able to go to Northcote Lodge at 8?
If your son attends Broomwood Hall, and joined in Preps (Reception), or Class 1 they will be eligible for priority entry to Northcote Lodge. If your son joins Broomwood Hall after this point they will be assessed on entry and a decision will be made at this time whether guaranteed entry to Northcote Lodge will be offered.
When do girls leave?
At either 11 (Class 6) or 13 (Class 8). The choice is an individual one, but in both cases our aim is to prepare the girls thoroughly for Common Entrance examinations at the applicable level.

When do we have to decide about 11+/13+? And can we change our decision later on?
There is no need to come to a firm decision until halfway through the Class 5 year (10-11 year olds). And yes, a change of direction can be effected at any time - from the curriculum point of view, it makes little difference.

The majority of your girls go to boarding schools. Does that mean that they could be at a disadvantage if they want to go to a London day school?
Not at all. The exam syllabus is exactly the same, and any girl from Broomwood Hall should have no difficulty fitting in anywhere.

What are the times of the school day?
From 8.40 until 3.30 (3.00 for the Prep classes) in the Lower School; and from 8.20 until 5.10 (5.20 for older girls) in the Upper School. Children involved in after-school clubs stay on for longer than this.

Do the children have homework?
Yes, but only in small amounts in the Lower School - a regular amount is an essential part of their schooling. In the Upper School, all homework is done at school, as part of the school day. However as Common Entrance gets closer some homework and revision for exams will become necessary.

Do you have facilities for disabled children?
Yes, at the Upper School, 74 Nightingale Lane - the building has ramps, a lift and disabled lavatory facilities. Our other buildings being period buildings, are not really suitable for children with other than minor disabilities.
Do you cater for children with learning difficulties or other special needs?
We are not a specialist remedial school. However we have specialist staff who can support children with mild specific learning needs. Where children are struggling we can provide them with individual help with any specific learning difficulties.

You are a Christian school. Can you accept children from other faiths?
Yes, providing that parents are willing for their children to attend our Assemblies and church services and that this will not cause any difficulties.

Are there any specific entry requirements?
Children need to be at least 4 and to live locally within our catchment area for admission to the Lower School. Apart from these, there are no particular entrance requirements.

If we start off at Broomwood Hall but then move out of your catchment area, would we have to remove our child?
No - but we are never happy about children, especially very young ones, having to be driven long distances in rush-hour traffic before and after school.

Does the National Curriculum affect you?
As an independent school we are not bound by it, but our own curriculum is based on it. Many of its requirements were in any case being taught in independent schools long before it came into being. Our curriculum is governed by the requirements of ISEB (Independent Schools Examinations Board) which is responsible for setting Common Entrance exams.

Are you affiliated to any official schools organisations?
We were elected to full membership of IAPS (Incorporated Association of Preparatory Schools) in 1995. IAPS is the lead preparatory school organisation, representing over 500 prep schools in the UK and abroad.

As an independent school, are you subject to regular inspections?
Yes, just like any other school we are subject to regular inspections by ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) appointed inspectors. Our last full inspection was in 2014; you can view the inspection report by clicking on the Admissions menu heading and then on Inspection Report button in the left menu.

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