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Ramsden Road

Please see below contact details for staff located at Ramsden Road.


CJ 1


Carole Jenkinson


BSc (Hons) Physiology & Pharmacology, St Andrews

Diplôme de Civilisation et Français d’Affaires, Sorbonne Paris

PGCE, London

Powell Philippa 11 for website

Philippa Powell - Deputy Head (Pastoral)

BSc (Hons) Biology & Environmental Studies, Surrey

PGCE, Exeter

Brooks Susan 14


Susan Brooks - Deputy Head (Academic)

BA History & French, Queensland

BEd, Queensland

 McCafferty Louisa - Sept 2014

Louisa McCafferty

Lower School Director of Studies

BA (Hons) PGCE

 Morris Will 3E Senior Master


William Morris

Senior Master, Class 3E

BA (Hons) Philosophy, Bristol

PGCE, Roehampton

Pawlak Caroline  15

Caroline Pawlak

Head of Learning Support

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

BSc (Hons) PGCE

 Hobbs Alice - Sept 2014



Alice Groome

Class 3S

Bsc (Hons) Geography, Bristol
PGCE, Institute of Education, London
MA Education, Institute of Education, London



 Crabtree  Adele 12 for website


Adele Crabtree

Class 3W

BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design

PGCE, Roehampton


 Bartleet Olivia - Sept 2014

Olivia Bartleet

Class 2E

BA (hons) Classics, Newcastle University

PGCE, Roehampton


Vollers Venetia 15


Venetia Vollers

Class 2N

Graham Sarah 12 website



Sarah Graham

Class 2S

BSc (Hons) QTS

 Lock  Caron 12 for website

Caron Lock

Class 2W, Assistant Director of Studies

BEd (Hons) QTS, Glasgow
 Scott Alice 15


Alice Scott

Class 1E

 Acland Tara - Sept 2014


Tara Acland

Class 1N

BA (Hons) History, Newcastle

PGCE, Kingston



 Rix Hannah - Sept 2014



Hannah Rix

Class 1S

LLB (Hons) Law, King's College London

PGCE (School Direct), Roehampton University



Elms Elizabeth VIC1S maternity cover


Liz Elms

Class 3N

MA (Div)



 Alice Brawn for website

Alice Cass

Class 1W, Head of English

BEd (Hons), Edinburgh University

 Bentley Charlotte - Sept 2014


Charlotte Bentley

Prep E

BA (Hons) English Literature, University of Liverpool

PGCE Early Years, Goldsmiths College, University of London

 Jack Bethany - Sept 2014



Bethany Jack

Prep N

BA (Hons) Childhood and Education Studies, Exeter
PGCE, Exeter


 Chippindall-Higgin Rosie - Sept 2014



Rosie Chippindall-Higgin

Prep S

BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies & Early Professional Status (EYPS), University of Chichester

 Harris  Holly 12 FOR WEBSITE


Holly Harris

Prep W 

BA (Joint Hons) History & History of Art, Oxford Brookes

PGCE, Roehampton


 Natilya Paulden


Nataliya Paulden

Head of Music

 Maher Aislinn - Sept 2014



Aislinn Maher

Head of Sport & PE

BSc (Hons) Sport, Health & Exercise Science, University of Wales, Bangor

PGCE Physical Education, University of Wales, Bangor



 Mireille Nobiron

Mireille Nobiron


MA & BA English, Toulouse

Teacher training, Bordeaux

 Gilbey Charlotte 15




Charlotte Gilbey





 Pawlak Caroline  15

Caroline Pawlak

Director of Learning Support

BSc (Hons) PGCE

 Thompson  Suzanne 12 for website

Suzanne Thompson

School Secretary and Headmistress’ PA




 McDonald Tash - 14 Sept

Tash McDonald

School Secretary




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