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The Upper School

Please see below contact details for staff located at the Upper School.


CJ 1


Carole Jenkinson

Headmistress, Maths

BSc (Hons) Physiology & Pharmacology, St Andrews

Diplôme de Civilisation et Français d’Affaires, Sorbonne Paris

PGCE, London

Powell Philippa - Sept 2014

Philippa Powell - Deputy Head (Pastoral)


BSc (Hons) Biology & Environmental Studies, Surrey

PGCE, Exeter

 Brooks Susan 14


Susan Brooks - Deputy Head (Academic)

BA History & French, Queensland

BEd, Queensland

Nenez Regis - Sept 2014


Regis Nenez - Assistant Deputy Head (Pastoral)

French, ICT, Latin

Maitrise LLCE Anglais, Universite de Nantes

GTP, British Council, CILT

Staff September 2015-63


Alice Symonds - Director of Studies (MATERNITY LEAVE)


MA English Literature, Trinity Hall - Cambridge

PGCE, Roehampton

McCafferty Louisa - Sept 2014

Louisa McCafferty

Director of Studies

BA (Hons) PGCE

Stamford  Julie 10


Julie Stamford

Head of Science

BSc (Hons) Biochemistry, University College London

PGCE, Kings College London

 Staff September 2015-69

Natalie Keane - Senior Pastoral Lead
Head of Drama, English

BA (Hons) English & Drama, Royal Holloway, University of London
PGCE, University of Bath

 Staff September 2015-48



Caroline Goss

Class 8W, Head of MFL, French & Spanish

BA (Hons), PGCE



Cawthorne  Alison 12 for website 1 1


Alison Cawthorne

Class 7AC, Maths, Geography

MA (Cantab), Cambridge

MSc, Southampton

PGCE, Kingston

 Perkins Gabriella - Sept 2014


Gabriella Perkins

Class 7GP, Head of Classics, RS & Latin

BA Theology, Oxford

PGCE, Oxford

 Zemancheff Rose - Jan 2016


Rosie Zemancheff






Owen  Natalie 11


Natalie Fisher

Class 6E, Head of English & Reasoning

BA (Hons) English Literature, Durham

PGCE, Roehampton

 Staff September 2015-51



Mary Henshall

Class 6S, English, Geography, RS, Classical Civ & ICT

BA (Hons), PGCE




Sutton  Emma 11


Emma Allan - Acting Assistant Director of Studies

Class 8S, Head of Geography, ICT

BA (Hons) Geography, Exeter

PGCE, London

 Wardell Rosie - Sept 2014


Rosie Wardell

Class 8E, Head of RS, Maths

BA (Hons) Philosophy, Bristol
Primary PGCE, St Mary's University

 James Lucinda  12



Lucinda James

Class 7LJ, Head of Maths & Sport

BSc (Hons), PGCE




Katy Tickle website


Katy Costin

Sport, French

BA (Hons) European Studies with French, Durham

UK CC Level 2 Netball Coach

 DSC 0078



Will Carter

Class 5E, Head of History, Science, & ICT

BA (Hons) PGCE



 Pearson Henrietta - Sept 2014


Henrietta Pearson

Class 4E, English, Maths, History, RS & ICT

 BA (Hons) PGCE, University of St Andrews


 Batten Millie - Sept 2014


Millie Batten

Class 5S, Maths & Sport

Bsc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Sciences, University of Birmingham
PGCE, Exeter


FirminZoe 11 for website


Zoe Ashton

Class 4S, English, Maths & Science

BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences, Durham

PGCE, Roehampton

 Julia Ware website


Julia Ware

Class 4N, English, Maths & History

BSc Maths, Open University

PGCE, Froebel


Ian Gibb 09


Ian Gibb

Director of ICT, Head of DT, Geography

BSc Computer Science, Durham

PGCE, Keele

Andrea Watson 09 bigger


Andrea Watson

Director of Music

MusB (Hons), Otago

ARCM (PG), Royal College of Music


Jane Skinner 2009


Jane Skinner

History, RS & Latin

MA Classics, Magdalen - Oxford

MA Archaeology, Pennsylvania

Staff September 2015-66


Nicholas Watson

Head of Art, ICT

BA (Hons) Visual Arts, Nene College - Nottingham

MA printmaking, Camberwell College of Arts


Kelly  Alice 12 for website


Alice Maitland-Makgill-Crichton

Class 5N, Sport, Science, Geography

BA Sports & Coaching Studies, Oxford Brookes

PGCE, Buckingham


 Thomson Raquel 12

Raquel Thomson

Class 4W, Head of G&T, maths, English, IT, Spanish
BA (Hons) International Relations and Political Science, UNL Lisbon, Portugal
Postgraduate in Marketing Management, ISEG Lisbon, Portugal
GTP, West London Partnership, QTS
Barnard  Christa 10


Christa Barnard (Maternity Leave)

History & Georgraphy

Family & Child Sciences (graduated with Honours), Florida

PGCE, Brunel


Kelly Selby-Jones 11


Kelly Selby-Jones

History, Geography, RS

BA & BEd, Queensland

British QTS

Amanda Butler 11



Amanda Holland

Maths, Physics

BEng (Hons), Imperial

PGCE, London

Barrett  Dickie 10 1


Dickie Barrett

Maths, ICT

MSc Cognitive Science & MPsy, Manchester

PGCE, Roehampton

Hilary Nicholls 11


Hilary Nicholls


BA & MA French & Italian, Corpus Christi Oxford

GTP, Equalitas

 Josiane Chowdry


Josiane Chowdhry


HND Computer Science, Westminster
French Teacher Training Diploma, Le Club Francais

 Staff September 2015-74



Lottie Gilbey


BA (Hons) PGCE



 Pawlak Caroline  15

Caroline Pawlak

Director of Learning Support

BSc (Hons) PGCE

Bently  Yvonne 09


Yvonne Bentley

School Matron, PHSE & Art

Zoe Curtis 11


Zoe Curtis

English & Learning Support Coordinator

BA English, Durham

PGCE, London

 Pickett Chris - Sept 2014


Chris Pickett


BA (Hons) Oxon

 Tyler Georgie

Georgie Tyler


BSc (Hons)


Hicks-Beach  Fiona


Fiona Hicks-Beach

Librarian, English

BA English, London


Hitt  Amanda 10



Amanda Hitt

School Secretary



 Staff September 2015-71



Venetia Brooke

PA to Mrs Jenkinson

BA (Hons)



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