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At age 4

The school has 80 places available at 192 Ramsden Road and 40 at 3 Garrads Road. Priority is given to younger siblings of current pupils and the school looks to enrol an even balance of boys and girls with birthdays spread throughout the year. In the Lower School there is a catchment area of one and a half mile around each school site so that children can walk, cycle and scoot to school.


For details of the entrance procedure please read more.


1. Register

Registration is the formal first stage of the admissions process and shows that parents are interested in a place for their child at Broomwood Hall. Parents are advised to register at least 18 months prior to entry but places are not offered on a first come, first served, basis.


To register please complete the Broomwood Hall registration form and return it to the admisisons office with a non-refundable fee of £100. If you are registering a sibling of a child previously registered with the school please complete the sibling registration form and return it with a non-refundable fee of £50.


2. Visit the school

Families must attend an open day to confirm their continued interest in the school for their child.


3. School readiness assessment

Registered children whose parents have visited the school will be invited to a school readiness assessment in the autumn prior to entry. Siblings of children already at the school will be invited to attend an assessment in the summer term, 15 months prior to entry.


4. Acceptance of places

Parents will be informed whether their child has been offered a place at the end of October the year prior to entry. If the school is oversubscribed, children may be offered a waiting list place. Offers must be accepted within a two week period with an acceptance deposit of £2000, which is refunded at the end of the child's last term at the school subject to the correct notice having been given. If the place is cancelled the deposit will be retained by the school. Please see the Terms and Conditions for full details.