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Broomwood Hall has very advanced computer/ICT infrastructures. All our buildings are linked together using a wireless network and a permanent high speed internet connection. Every classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard which is used across the curriculum to enhance the children's enjoyment in learning.


Computers and ICT (Information and Communication Technology)Class 2W at work form an important and exciting part of the curriculum throughout the school. We use computers, laptops and tablets at all levels, and the children are taught computer skills in conjunction with their classroom work right from the start as well as using ICT skills to expand their knowledge in all subjects. 


Access to the World Wide Web is available under controlled conditions, involving the use of a constantly updated filtering service against unsuitable material. In computing we aim not just to teach children about keyboard skills and word processing, but about how to incorporate the use of computers into their work and their daily lives, linking in to all areas.