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We have libraries on all of our sites, allowing the children to explore a wide range of reading material and nurture their love of reading. They may borrow books to take home.


The Lower School curriculum is based on a thorough mastery, at an early age, of the fundamental building blocks of education; reading, writing, mathematics, science and ICT. We do not expect that the children will be able to read and write when they come to us (although some may), but by the end of the Prep class year all the children will have begun to master these skills. All children enjoy music and PE lessons with specialist staff twice a week plus wonderful sport afternoons on the courts or on the common.

From the first day in the Prep class we start learning phonics, encompassing reading, writing, handwriting and spelling. Children learn to read and write the 44 spoken sounds using the 26 letters of the alphabet.

Mathematics is a fun and enjoyable part of life at school with both practical and written activities to teach the children to become numerate. They learn to use mental strategies from the beginning. In addition to learning basic number facts they are introduced to concepts such as algebra, measuring, time and space; learning how to apply their knowledge to everyday life and problem solving.  

From Class 1 the curriculum becomes more formal and the day is slightly longer. French lessons are introduced, following a programme which teaches through fun activities, games and songs. The children continue to study PE and music, as well as beginning science, geography and history. 


Ability groups within classes allow teachers to group the children for mathematics and reading. This ensures that the brightest ones are really stretched and allows others to go at their own pace without falling behind. Ongoing assessment identifies difficulties so that children can be supported where necessary. By the end of the second year the children have received a thorough grounding in the basics.     


In Class 2 and Class 3, the timetable becomes more demanding as the core subjects (English, mathematics and science) are studied in greater depth. Children become absorbed when learning about history, geography and science and often visit museums and galleries.

In Class 3 a day immersed in the life of a Viking or a Roman feast brings their studies to life. By the time the children are 8, at the end of the Lower School, they will be independent learners with good work habits. They are thoroughly prepared for the work and demands that will be placed on them as they start the Common Entrance syllabus at their Prep school the following year.