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Most senior schools offer scholarships and other awards to particularly academically (or musically, or artistically) gifted students, usually making funds available in the form of a percentage remission of fees (anything up to 50%) or a flat rate reduction. Entrance examinations are usually set by the schools themselves. They are based on Common Entrance but at a much greater depth.

We try to identify potential scholars early on (Class 5 or Class 7). We discuss with parents the best course of action to enable the particular girl to realise her full potential and, in due course, stand an excellent chance of success in these demanding examinations. Scholarship candidates are supported with daily small group tutorials with the Head's of Department and exposed to higher level papers, but we emphasise that for a girl to achieve the standard required demands a high degree of parental co-operation and involvement as well.

Girls are also helped by their tutors in this preparation because success in these exams is not just about academic achievement but about how well a candidate presents herself during the interviews and visits/Open Days.

Broomwood Hall has an excellent record in achieving scholarships and awards, largely because we pay close attention to these less easily definable aspects. Our girls have an outstanding record for coming across as mature, balanced and well-mannered individuals.