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Art & Design Technology


Each year group has two periods of Art each week with our Head of Art in our fully equipped Art Studio.


They learn to use a variety of mediums, from painting in water colour or acrylic, to creating 3D work using wire, ceramics or clay to drawing in pencil, charcoal or pastels. The iPads are used to help the girls' research artists as well as create their own work on the huge variety of art Apps available.

We enter a number of competitions over the year, including the Saatchi Gallery, Sunday Telegraph Art Prize and the Young Art Competition and have had huge successes in the past. We also run a programme for potential scholars and help them prepare portfolios as well as run gallery visits to bring the subject to life.

Each year group has two periods of DT in a week. If they are not cooking in this time, they will learn a variety of skills from needlework, to woodwork and metalwork, creating all kinds of objects such as wooden toys, motorised buggies, stools, candle holders, park benches and working go-karts. The girls learn the important skills of measuring and using machinery and tools as well as teamwork and safety.

At the end of the school year some of the best work in each year group is chosen to be exhibited in our Art and DT Show. There are prizes awarded in each category and parents are welcome to come and view their daughter’s work.