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Trips & Excursions

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Excursions and longer trips away play a vital part in broadening the educational experience we offer. All classes go on at least 4 one-day excursions every year, the purpose being to cover all the areas of the curriculum during a girl's time in the school.

Longer field trips, which are compulsory, assist in developing self-confidence - being away from home is an essential part of the experience, and there are some things that, as a day school, we simply cannot do in London.

For all year groups after Class 4 there is one field trip each year, lasting approximately a week: in Class 5, a science and lasting approximately a week: in Class 5, a science and geography field trip to the Isle of Wight, in Class 6, an exchange lasting one week with Ecole Dupanloup, Paris, during which the girls stay with French families as their guests; in Class 7, a trip to Chateau de la Baudonniere, Normandy, as well as a trip to Slapton Ley in Devon to support their science work; and in Class 8, a one week outward-bound trip, usually to Plas-y-Brenin Outward Bound Centre in North Wales.