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The House System

At the start of Class 4 girls are allocated to one of four Houses: Bolingbroke, Nightingale, Shaftesbury and Wilberforce - all names of famous former Wandsworth residents. At the start of Michaelmas term each House elects a House Captain from Class 8 (who serves for the whole year), and a vice-Captain from Class 6 (who serves for half a term). A member of staff is appointed to act as Housemistress (or - master) for each house, whilst the remaining staff all owe a particular allegiance to one House or another.

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Awards and Responsibilities

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school. We carefully monitor the awards given out and make sure no girl goes through a year without achieving a prize or certificate for something deserved.

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Pastoral Care

Mr Nenez Luciana Butler - a garden tutor chat

We pride ourselves on the quality of our pastoral care. It is enshrined in our ethos that a girl will only give of her best if she is both happy and confident. At this age, it is essential that girls have someone outside their home environment to whom they can turn with their problems and their worries. To this end we have a very comprehensive tutor system that ensures that every girl has someone she can go to when such problems occur, as well as there being an adult to recognise, praise and reward her successes.

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