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Pastoral Care

Mr Nenez Luciana Butler - a garden tutor chat

We pride ourselves on the quality of our pastoral care. It is enshrined in our ethos that a girl will only give of her best if she is both happy and confident. At this age, it is essential that girls have someone outside their home environment to whom they can turn with their problems and their worries. To this end we have a very comprehensive tutor system that ensures that every girl has someone she can go to when such problems occur, as well as there being an adult to recognise, praise and reward her successes.

From Class 5, girls enter a personal tutorial system, whereby each girl chooses a member of staff to be her tutor. The tutor will keep track of academic progress, house-points, and successes and concerns both academic and personal.


A tutor outing is organised at the beginning of each term and enables each group to get to know each other in an informal setting. Each member of staff acts as tutor to no more than ten girls, who meet once a week as a group to discuss issues of general concern. Tutors also meet each girl individually once a week to discuss informally all aspects of her life, both at school and at home, including any achievements or problems.

Tutors write a report each term covering development and progress at School. Parents are encouraged to keep in contact with their daughter's tutor, both to discuss any worries they may have and to follow their daughter's progress at School.

Although girls are encouraged to see the Deputy Head (Head of Pastoral Care) or the Head about any difficulties that may occur, the tutorial system is invaluable in breaking the School down into smaller, more personal units.


At lunch, which is a formal meal with teachers sitting with the girls at each table, we attach particular importance to good table manners. The girls are encouraged to eat correctly, to make conversation and to finish what is on their plates. The staff are quietly on the lookout for girls who consistently eat very little; with eating disorders becoming more prevalent, if we feel there is any cause for concern we will discreetly alert parents.

 Apart from a small salad bar for senior girls, we do not provide a choice at lunch time, nor will we permit eating fads at school. Special diets for medical reasons are an exception.