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Elvie Johnston Sophie Henness

All girls have prep every day from 4.10-5.00 (Class 4), or 4.10-5.10 (Class 5-8). Most prep is done at school except on Friday afternoons. However, girls in the top two years can expect to have some additional prep to be done a home at weekends; such Prep assignments are written in each girl’s diary which should be checked and signed by parents every day.


All girls are also expected to read for a short time every evening, and to note what they have read in their diaries. The purpose of prep is to reinforce and practise what girls have learned during lessons. Prep is timetabled; girls have a set number of written preps per subject each week to be done at school. Prep is done under the supervision of the form teacher and girls are expected to get on quietly with their work.