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Martha Morrogh-Ryan

A love of books is an essential part of learning. We do all we can to encourage it and to ensure that the girls are exposed to the widest possible range of literature for all ages. All girls have a weekly Literature class with Lady Colquhoun and our librarian, and are able to borrow freely from the more than 4000 titles in the Upper School library. Carefully structured reading lists are given to the girls, containing many recommended titles suitable for each age group.

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In Class 6 the children have a term's introduction to the basics of cookery in our on-Immy Bewes Olivia Byrnesite Cookery School. The girls learn how to get to grips with using a cooker, knife skills and cooking techniques such as creaming, making pastry and preparing the groundwork for our tailor-made Leiths Cookery Course in Class 7.

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Matilda Bedi

All year groups have weekly practical ICT lessons in our IT suite. We teach the girls how to use the popular software packages as well the basics of computer programming. Many classes book additional time in the IT room so that projects and coursework can be word-processed. In Class 5 all girls complete a touch typing course so that they are competent typists by Class 6.

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Academic Overview

We prepare girls for both 11+ and 13+ entry to senior school.

The Upper School curriculum is drawn from many sources. We follow the NationalDSC 0095 Curriculum closely and we pride ourselves on offering a broad and balanced range of subjects, giving all girls as much chance to succeed here at Broomwood as well as at senior school. Our curriculum is supported by a wide range of extension and enrichment activities such as termly trips to museums, galleries, places of worship or theatres, annual residential field trips, netball tours and choir trips abroard, debates, visiting speakers, poetry competitions and concerts.

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Assessment and Reports

Connie Lubbock Lady Colquhoun

Internal assessment is an ongoing process with all the girls from the moment they start with us, with progress and achievement being continually monitored.


We hold formal exam weeks for all year groups twice each year, with Classes 5, 7 and 8 taking further exams to help the teachers gain a full understanding of how best to help them for their upcoming Common Entrance and to give the girls the further practice they need.

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