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Assessment and Reports

Connie Lubbock Lady Colquhoun

Internal assessment is an ongoing process with all the girls from the moment they start with us, with progress and achievement being continually monitored.


We hold formal exam weeks for all year groups twice each year, with Classes 5, 7 and 8 taking further exams to help the teachers gain a full understanding of how best to help them for their upcoming Common Entrance and to give the girls the further practice they need.

Parents receive a detailed end of term report each term. In Michaelmas and Trinity terms these are subject reports, with exam marks, focusing primarily on attitude, application and achievement. In Hilary term reports are written by the girls' tutors (Class 4 - form mistresses) in the form of a letter that focuses on other important aspects of school life, including personal development, friendships and progress generally.

Each half term we also send home assessment grades to help inform parents of the girls' attainment and effort in each subject. These enable the staff and parents to monitor the girls' classwork.

We also run curriculum evenings at the start of each year where we provide parents with information about what the children will be learning each term and how we intend to teach it. There are also parents' evenings for each year group for parents to meet their daughter's subject teachers as well as tutor evenings when parents meet their daughter's personal tutor and discuss pastoral issues.