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Academic Overview

We prepare girls for both 11+ and 13+ entry to senior school.

The Upper School curriculum is drawn from many sources. We follow the NationalDSC 0095 Curriculum closely and we pride ourselves on offering a broad and balanced range of subjects, giving all girls as much chance to succeed here at Broomwood as well as at senior school. Our curriculum is supported by a wide range of extension and enrichment activities such as termly trips to museums, galleries, places of worship or theatres, annual residential field trips, netball tours and choir trips abroard, debates, visiting speakers, poetry competitions and concerts.

All girls are taught maths, English, science (split into the three sciences in Classes 7 and 8), French, history, geography, religious studies, Latin (from Class 6 onwards), Art, DT, music and sport. We also offer Spanish to those who would like it from Class 7. Girls may choose which lesson they attend on a Friday afternoon; from extra sport, music, DT or IT to trying new skills in debating or taking Junior Challenge.


Girls have their own form rooms but they move around the school for all their lessons, which are taught by specialist teachers. They are in mixed ability classes, but are placed in sets for some subjects (English and Maths, as well as French and Latin in Classes 7 and 8), allowing the brighter girls to push ahead whilst enabling those who are less academic to progress at their own pace.


As girls move through the Upper School the work gets progressively harder, and is structured so that by the time girls get to their final year the Common Entrance syllabus has been largely completed, leaving plenty of time for revision and consolidation before the exams.


We have very small classes and therefore are able to support children who are less academic as well as push the more able. Gifted children are extended in lessons and we arrange a programme of trips for them to encourage higher level thinking. These girls achieve a number of academic scholarships each year to schools such as Emanuel, King's Canterbury, Downe House and JAGS.