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Matilda Bedi

All year groups have weekly practical ICT lessons in our IT suite. We teach the girls how to use the popular software packages as well the basics of computer programming. Many classes book additional time in the IT room so that projects and coursework can be word-processed. In Class 5 all girls complete a touch typing course so that they are competent typists by Class 6.

We have carefully introduced iPads to the school as a further tool for the girls to use. It means that technology is no longer segregated from everyday teaching and learning and that our pupils have the chance to use the latest software and engage with information in any lesson at any time. Without replacing traditional methods, the iPad can be a science lab, a research tool, a history archive, a language lab, an art canvas, a music studio, a video editing suite, as well as a library and allows us to be more creative in our teaching and the girls to be more independent in their learning. Girls can now research topics for themselves, access further information in lessons and present their work in a variety of formats. We are able to help personalise their learning and revision and they can quickly find ways to present their work and notes to suit their own learning style. We have strict rules in place to ensure that iPads are used safely and properly.

Our aim is that girls should leave Bromwood Hall fluent and confident in the jargon and application of ICT, able to use it to full advantage to suit their purposes, but also able to appreciate its limitations.