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In Class 6 the children have a term's introduction to the basics of cookery in our on-Immy Bewes Olivia Byrnesite Cookery School. The girls learn how to get to grips with using a cooker, knife skills and cooking techniques such as creaming, making pastry and preparing the groundwork for our tailor-made Leiths Cookery Course in Class 7.

Broomwood Hall is licensed by Leiths School of Food and Wine to offer a course in basic cookery especially written by them for children of our age group.  All girls in Class 7 have weekly cookery lessons in the Cookery School where they receive instruction in basic skills before moving on to more advanced techniques and menu-planning.  A Leiths Certificate is awarded to girls upon completion of the course.

During the summer term, as part of their assessment, the girls prepare a sumptuous three-course dinner for their parents to enjoy here at school; this usually goes down very well!