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Martha Morrogh-Ryan

A love of books is an essential part of learning. We do all we can to encourage it and to ensure that the girls are exposed to the widest possible range of literature for all ages. All girls have a weekly Literature class with Lady Colquhoun and our librarian, and are able to borrow freely from the more than 4000 titles in the Upper School library. Carefully structured reading lists are given to the girls, containing many recommended titles suitable for each age group.

We celebrate a Broomwood Book Week each year and often have visiting authors to run workshops or talks for the girls. Our most recent visitor was the very popular children's author, Anne Fine. We monitor the girls' reading closely; they are encouraged to try as many different literary styles and authors as possible, and to persevere even if they find a book difficult. The aim is to foster enjoyment and a love of books. We will always try to find something from which a girl can derive pleasure.

The library is centrally catalogued on computer, and the girls are taught how to use the system to locate and issue the books they are looking for.